Shannon Beador Hasn’t Contacted Residents of Home She Plowed Her Car Into

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Gaby Noelle confirmed to that as of Tuesday, neither she nor her boyfriend have heard a word from Beador or her team, including her attorney.

Noelle spoke to local outlets, revealing she was home when the crash happened and caught someone — later identified as the Bravolebrity — driving away from the scene, leaving a trail of oil from the smashed vehicle behind.

“No one has reached out from their end,” she told this outlet, adding that they shared photos of the damage with the landlord and passed along his details to police. Gabrielle said she hasn’t been informed if anyone has been scheduled to come out and assess the damage to the building.

“The house will be fixed,” she shared, adding the most important takeaway is that “everyone is fine from this end.”

Her attorney, Michael Fell, released a statement on Monday, telling, “I spent quite a bit of time with Shannon yesterday. She is extremely apologetic and remorseful. We will be awaiting the official information on this case as it becomes available, and Shannon is prepared to accept full responsibility for her actions.”

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