Liberals don’t care about crime unless it’s committed by those they don’t like

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FOX News host Laura Ingraham says voters in urban America need to say ‘enough’ to the crime crisis on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’ FOX News’ Laura Ingraham argues crime should be regardless of the race of the criminals or their victims Monday on”The Ingraham Angle.

” LAURA INGRAHAM: Now, imagine if the video you’re about to see involved two White teens laughing as they mowed down a Black former police officer who was out riding his bike. Caution, this video is very disturbing to watch. Now, this happened more than a month ago. Who thinks that it would have taken this long to release the video if the races of the alleged perpetrators and the victims were reversed? Now we all know the answer to that. Look, we still don’t have the manifesto of that

trans killer in Nashville . We’ve been waiting for that. How convenient. Crime is crime. Crime should be treated as crime regardless of the race of the criminals or their victims. But that’s just not how the left sees it, and that’s not how they ever want to see it. And this is part of the reason why things are spinning out of control. We all see it. We all know what’s happening. With retail theft, where billions of dollars are lost annually to scenes like this.

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