I was adopted — can I ask my biological mother for money?

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Dear Abby weighs in on asking biological parents for financial help, a reunited couple and the importance of offering assistance. DEAR ABBY: Would it be wrong to reach out to my biological mother for financial help? I was adopted when I was just 2 months old. I was lucky to have wonderful parents, but they are in poor health, and it’s affecting both of them physically.

I’m going into debt helping them out financially. They are on a fixed income that barely covers their expenses. Would it be wrong of me to ask my birth mother for that help? We see each other occasionally. My birth mother sold her house and isn’t hurting financially. I don’t want to sound entitled. I just need some help, and I’m prepared for a no.

— ENTITLED TO ANYTHING? DEAR ENTITLED: It isn’t your birth mother’s responsibility to support the couple who adopted you, particularly since the request for money would be ongoing. You stated that you see her only occasionally. (If you do what you are considering, you may be seeing her less often.) If your parents still have relatives, you might have some success if you approach them for the financial help you are seeking. If not, reach out to your local Area Agency on Aging for guidance.

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