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Mexican doctors have discovered “no evidence of skull assembly or manipulation” of the stays of so-called “non-human beings” that have been offered to the Mexican Congress final week – showing to show the stays weren’t not of human origin.

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Scientists carried out a quantity of tests on the two samples at the Noor Clinic on Monday and live-streamed the complete process on Jaime Maussan’s YouTube channel.

Ultimately, José Zalce Benitez, director of the Health Sciences Research Institute inside the Mexican Navy Secretariat, mentioned the research proved the alleged aliens belonged to a single skeleton and weren’t assembled with human objects.

He additionally mentioned his crew found one of them “was alive, intact, biological and pregnant”, declaring massive lumps inside the suspected ET’s stomach – which he mentioned might be eggs.

“I can say that these bodies have no relation to human beings,” he beforehand mentioned.

The two males – believed to have been found in Cusco, Peru, in 2017 – have elongated heads with three fingers on every hand.

But in any other case, they seem humanoid in form, every with two arms and two legs.

Maussan mentioned they had sturdy, gentle bones, no tooth, and implants of cadmium and osmium, one of the rarest components on Earth.

Nearly a 3rd of their DNA is “unknown,” he testified, asserting that these beings should not half of “our terrestrial evolution.”

“These specimens are not part of our evolutionary history of Earth,” Massaun instructed Mexican authorities officers and U.S. representatives.

“These should not beings recovered from a UFO crash. Instead, they have been present in diatom (algae) mines and subsequently fossilized.

“This is the first time that it (extraterrestrial life) has been offered in such a type and I believe there’s a clear demonstration that we’re coping with non-human specimens that aren’t associated to another species in our world,” Maussan mentioned. longtime UFO fanatic, concluded.

But many have expressed skepticism about the discovery.

For years, teachers, archaeologists and scientists have claimed that the mummified stays that UFO fans declare are aliens are often simply modified human our bodies.

Others, particularly the smaller ones – like these offered in Mexico – are assembled with an amalgam of animal and human bones.

Among the skeptics is physics professor Brian Cox, who has requested {that a} pattern be despatched to organic know-how firm 23andMe for unbiased verification that the specimens are extraterrestrial. Sky News reports.

“It is very unlikely that an intelligent species that evolved on another planet would be like us,” he mentioned final week.

Julieta Fierro, a scientist at the Institute of Astronomy at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, additionally mentioned that no proof exhibits “something mysterious that might not point out compounds of life that don’t exist on Land,” and the Peruvian authorities claimed that the stays have been merely pre-Hispanic objects.

Yet Mexican politicians mentioned final week that Maussan’s presentation left them with “thoughts” and “concerns” as they take into account passing the Airspace Protection Law – which might make Mexico the first nation in the world to acknowledge the presence of extraterrestrials on the territory. planet.

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