Gen Z women are baring all after breakups in this vulnerable new trend

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Gen Z women are sharing their breakup journeys online with such searing candor that it feels like heartache voyeurism. The trend is women sharing their vulnerability after their relationships crumble. Shay Jarman shared her breakup journey online to help other women who are struggling.

Influencer Shay Jarman documented the end of a four-year relationship by creating a TikTok that shared how she spent the first day by herself after her boyfriend had moved out of their shared home.

Shay revealed she’d been with her ex through some pretty formative years, from nineteen to twenty-three, and fears she “doesn’t know herself anymore”. TikTok/@princesspellow TikTok/@princesspellow She’s just putting one foot in front of the other as she tries to process the end of her relationship.

“I feel this vibe 100%,” someone commented. Some ladies emphasize getting ready and dolled up helps ease the pain. “I feel you, I see you, and it will get better,” someone promised. Australian influencer Abigail Pellow also documented how she coped after her romantic relationship did not work out.

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