American Airlines plane hits pickup truck while being towed for parking at Boston airport

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An American Airlines Airbus A319 aircraft hit a parked and unoccupied pickup truck over the weekend, leaving the vehicle and the plane’s engine damaged. A Great Dane named Darwin recently took a flight from Los Angeles to New York — requiring her owner to purchase three seats on the plane. The five-year-old dog was flying for the first time as her owner was moving across the country.

An American Airlines plane hit a pickup truck while it was being towed for parking, damaging the aircraft’s engine. The Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement that an American Airlines Airbus A319 struck a parked and unoccupied pickup truck on Sept. 16 at around 9:45 p.m. at

. According to the statement, the plane’s #2 engine was damaged. An American Airlines spokesperson said in a statement that no injuries were reported, adding the plane was taken out of service for inspection and repairs.

American Airlines has signed off on a $4.8 billion lease with Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, which includes funding for a sixth terminal.

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