Uncovering the potential health benefits of alcoholic beverages derived from spent coffee grounds

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Spent coffee grounds (SCG) makes up the largest portion of waste generated from preparing coffee beverages and making instant coffee, producing close to 6 million metric tons of waste worldwide each year. To manage this vast amount of waste, scientists are finding ways of converting SCG into value-added products for various applications, from industrial materials to biofuels. , the team adopted the fermentation strategy using this mixture of yeast and lactic acid bacteria for fermenting SCG hydrolysates.

The team went a step further to conduct a detailed metabolomic analysis to identify the bioactive compounds present in the alcoholic beverage and determine its potential health benefits.

Identifying compounds that confer potential health benefits The researchers adopted an advanced analytical technique known as liquid chromatography quadrupole time of flight mass spectrometry (LCQTOF-MS)—commonly used to identify and confirm the presence of chemical compounds in foods and beverages—to obtain a comprehensive picture of the chemical contents of the fermented SCG.

This study is the first time such an approach was used to determine a full profile of all the compounds present in SCG hydrolysates fermented by a combination of yeast and bacteria. Through the analysis, the research team identified that fermentation of SCG hydrolysates through both yeast and bacteria boosted the presence of headtopics.com

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