Masked Vigilantes Fight Parking Enforcement Tactics Even Politicians Oppose

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Atlanta businesses are turning to private booting companies to punish drivers who violate parking rules, but residents and politicians agree that the practice has gotten out of hand … even in their own homes, are the ones paying the cost.” Politicians are also attempting to respond to the rise in booting. At both the city and state level, efforts have been made to ban the practice.

Georgia State Senator Josh McLaurin said that it attempted to create regulations for booting five years ago, but lost support from the companies profiting off it, and that it later failed to pass.

He plans to reintroduce the bill, but the private booting companies still oppose an outright ban, as has been proposed by city council members. Jeff Philipps, the owner of one such company, believes there’s no better solution.

“If you ban booting it’s going to leave my client with one option and that’s towing ,” he said. “Unfortunately for people who are in violation at that point, the fee will be three to five times higher.” However, that may be a false dichotomy. According to McLaurin, there are “all kinds of different alternatives,” such as tickets, controlled access, in addition to towing and booting, which could help ease tensions.

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