Dad Unrecognizable After Losing Lips And Limbs To Flesh-Eating Bug, Here's What He Looks Like Now

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Photo Credit: Our Life/Youtube

Note: we are republishing this story which originally made the news in April 2018.

Alex Lewis, now 38, has emerged from a harrowing experience with a profound appreciation for life after enduring a life-threatening illness that led to the loss of his limbs and the need for extensive facial reconstruction.

In November 2013, Alex initially dismissed his symptoms as “man flu.” However, within five weeks, he found himself in a coma as his organs began to fail. His condition rapidly deteriorated, resulting in Strep A infection, Strep A toxic shock syndrome, septicaemia, and necrotising fasciitis, with just a three percent chance of survival.

Photo Credit: Our Life/Youtube

After enduring over six months in the hospital and undergoing 18 surgeries, Alex, who hails from Over Wallop in Hampshire, embarked on the arduous journey of recovery. Remarkably, he became the first person ever to undergo a pioneering procedure to reconstruct his lips.

Reflecting on this transformative year of his life, Alex shared, “I’ve lived more of a life in the past four years than I did in the previous 33, and it’s made me realize how much I love Lucy and Sam.”

Photo Credit: Our Life/Youtube

Describing his injuries as akin to those from a bomb explosion, Alex initially struggled to accept his new appearance. However, he has since embraced his uniqueness, stating that he “enjoys the fact that I am the only person with this type of face.”

His plastic surgeon, Alexandra Crick, based in Salisbury, used skin from his shoulder to recreate his lips in an unprecedented medical feat. Alex explained, “It’s one piece of skin, and it was like if you imagine placing a bag in your mouth and then sewing around the edges.”

Photo Credit: Our Life/Youtube

It took six surgeries for Alex to regain his lips, and over time, the skin grafts have diminished in size and blended seamlessly with his cheeks and chin. Despite the initial shock and discomfort following his facial surgeries, Alex marveled at the regrowth of nerves and muscles that now function like normal lips.

Currently, Alex is an advocate for amputees, emphasizing the need for improved aftercare following life-changing surgeries. While he praises the National Health Service (NHS) for its exceptional care during his treatment, he sheds light on the financial struggles he faces for his ongoing care, which costs between £70,000 to £90,000 annually.

Alex passionately advocates for increased support for amputees and the development of cost-effective prosthetic solutions. He underscores the disparity in funding, with just £400 per person allocated for prosthetics, a figure he finds shocking.

Photo Credit: alexlewistrust/Instagram

Despite his challenges, Alex remains resilient, working closely with universities to shape the future of prosthetics and raise awareness of this critical issue. He is determined to make a difference and remains grateful for a second chance at life.

In his own words, the past few years have been “the most tragic but brilliant” of Alex’s life, a testament to his remarkable strength and resilience.

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