The Volume Is Making Lightsaber Duels in Star Wars Worse

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The Volume might be movie-making magic, but it’s hurting the franchise’s most visually exciting duels. The Big Picture Some of the highlights of Ahsoka so far have been the great lightsaber battles and action sequences, especially on Episode 4 and Episode 5.

There was at least one of those in each episode, and they never failed to impress us with some thrilling directing and well-designed choreography. But still, something about them felt off. As good as they are, they also aren’t as expansive as similar scenes in the Star Wars movies, for example, or even in animated series like Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels, and this is a symptom of the fact that most of these sequences are filmed in the Volume, ILM’s famous digital StageCraft technology. The Volume is one of the most innovative tools in film and TV production recently, and filmmakers like Peyton Reed and James Cameron have already used it, Dave Filoni has already said he intends to film as much of his future Star Wars movie in the Volume as possible, too.

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