Olivia Rodrigo is ‘Obsessed’ With These Hair and Nail Vitamins – Hollywood Life

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One might say that Olivia Rodrigo loves to do things that are “good 4 u”, so when she mentioned her favorite part of her morning routine, we had to try it out. When detailing her beauty regime, she said, “The first thing that I do is take these Olly gummies… I’m obsessed with them.” The Olly Undeniable Beauty Gummies are filled with essential ingredients to help kickstart your day and elevate your beauty routine by supporting your hair, skin, and nails. They are filled with biotin, Vitamin C, and keratin, which are all essential to your wellness journey.

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In a Vogue YouTube video, Olivia started off by raving about the gummies. “I’m obsessed with them,” she said. “The highlight of my morning is just eating two of these because they are so yummy.” Biotin supports hair and nail growth because it helps metabolize fats and protein, while Vitamin C is a key nutrient that will help give your skin that healthy and youthful glow and keratin is a protein that boosts hair health. Even Olivia said, “I actually think that my hair has really improved,” from taking two gummies in the morning.


Another plus is that they are currently 43% off, so you’d be getting a great deal for enhancing your beauty journey. With a delicious ruby red grapefruit flavor, there are no artificial flavors added and they are gluten-free. You can treat yourself to the same tasty snack that Olivia does to start off her morning!

Not only does the “Vampire” singer swear on these gummies, but there are 13,000+ ratings from Amazon customers who also are obsessed. “My hair is full and shedding less, my nails are strong, and my skin glowing- definitely recommend,” one purchaser said. Another customer claimed, “My skin looks brighter and healthier and my hair feels softer too. I definitely recommend these to anyone dealing with skin/hair/nail issues!”

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