How the Rolling Stones Finally Got It Together and Made a Great New Album

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Mick, Keith, Ronnie, and special guest Stevie Wonder break down the star-packed Hackney Diamonds, an album the Stones only could have made now Meanwhile, they realized that their go-to producer since the early Nineties, Don Was, might not be available within their timeframe. “The whole thing was getting a little bit out of hand, and I said, ‘We need a referee,’” Wood says.

“I was at dinner with Paul McCartney, and he was saying, ‘How’s it all going?’ And I said we need someone to boss us around. And he said, ‘Well, there’s this young New York boy, Andrew Watt. Give him a try.’”

“Andy seemed very enthusiastic,” Jagger says matter-of-factly. “We’d worked before like this,” Jagger says. “We learned and rehearsed some songs … and “We had only been off the road for a few weeks or months,” Richards says, “so we were all wired up, playing-wise.”

hard,” Jagger says. “He worked a lot of days consecutively. And then I came in and did some vocals, and Ronnie did the same. And then I went to Nassau, or Bahamas, and did my vocals in January.” Sticky Fingers’

“It just was so moving to be in the studio with Stevie,” Wood says. “Watching Stevie play his array of keyboards: a little bit of synthesizer, a little bit of Moog here, and a bit of clavinet there, and a grand piano here, and the lovely moods that he invoked.

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