Soros-backed group partners on ‘Abolition School’ to train activists to eradicate police, prisons

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A group bankrolled by liberal billionaire George Soros is aiding a newly launched ‘Abolition School’ to train activists on how to dismantle police and prisons. George and Alex Soros’s The Community Resource Hub for Safety and Accountability joined forces with left-wing groups to aid the Philadelphia-based W.E.

B Du Bois Movement School for Abolition & Reconstruction to prepare organizers against what they say is a capitalist society created from”overlapping forces of colonial dispossession and genocide, racialized chattel slavery, and violent patriarchal domination, whose extractive brutality toward humanity and nature alike is quickly rendering our planet uninhabitable.”

“Our students are aspiring revolutionaries and abolitionists of all ages and backgrounds who want to acquire the analytical tools and practical skills necessary to set political change into motion and sustain it through struggle,” the school’s website states.”But we seek above all to help build the leadership capacity of organic intellectuals, those most directly impacted by oppressive structures—policing, mass incarceration, environmental racism, and poverty—and those closest to the struggles to dismantle them.”

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