Quil Lemons and Ryan McGinley Talk Gemini’s, OnlyFans, and Azealia Banks

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‘When making this work,’ says Quil Lemons of the photographs in his provocative new series, ‘I felt very present and in my body for the first time in a few years.’ ——— LEMONS: I’m headed to Cape Cod with my friends, Myles and Jeffrey. And we just had to pull over because I could not connect into the call. But I’m on the call now. — MCGINLEY: No. It’s totally real and it’s one of the stops on Cape Cod.

You’re going to have the best time. For a photographer, Cape Cod has the best light because it’s so thin, but it’s surrounded by water on each side.

LEMONS: I do. I’m very big on that. And last time I was up in P-Town, I had some of the best lobster in my life, where it was just so fresh. MCGINLEY: Well, since we’re friends, I was lucky to get a little preview of the show. I guess my first question is, what’s going on in those photographs?

Glitterboy , and then it was stuff in the New Black Vanguard. And then when you photographed your family and all those beautiful dresses. The work is constantly evolving and you’re constantly dipping into new material. And in headtopics.com

LEMONS: I feel like this is the first project of me being really in front of the camera. I’ve done self-portraits before, but I think this one is the most honest and raw.

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