Kimberly Guilfoyle Has Awkard Meltdown Over ‘Potential Father-in-Law’ Trump

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Guilfoyle was combative and called out Kelly after he attempted to spin Trump’s legal woes into a positive for his 2024 campaign, Mediaite reported.

“So obviously this atrocity unfolds, your potential father-in-law under arrest. But you know what? It’s turning up roses,” Kelly told Guilfoyle shortly after he introduced her on his show. Kelly was soon taken back by Guilfoyle correcting his statement.

While Guilfoyle’s appearance on Newsmax was the perfect opportunity to raise brownie points with her fiancé’s family, the interview quickly turned into a PR disaster.

“Potential? Future father-in-law. Jesus,” an annoyed Guilfoyle fired back at Kelly. Clearly surprised by the tense reply, Kelly attempted to gain clarification on Guilfoyle and Trump Jr.’s wedding plans. “Is it sealed? Do we have a date?”

Refusing to elaborate despite her outrage, Guilfoyle quipped back, “Uh, not that I’m sharing on the air.”

Kelly continued his attempt to salvage the interview that had barely begun and told Guilfoyle, “Fair enough. Hey, I’m glad. I didn’t realize. There’s a ring. Fantastic, that’s great news.”

The effort failed once again as it appeared Guilfoyle couldn’t let the host’s “potential father-in-law” comment go.

“We’ve been engaged babe for two years, but we’ll take this breaking news alert,” Guilfoyle mocked Kelly. “That’s hysterical.”

While Guilfoyle and Trump Jr.’s engagement made headlines back in 2020, the couple hasn’t exactly made an effort to exchange vows since then.

“Well, I mean, alright. Look, we need— What’s he waiting for?” Kelly responded, clearly irked by his guest’s aggressive nature.

“We need more Trump,” Guilfoyle oddly responded.

Newsom’s remarks felt like less like a scorned ex and more like an observer after Guilfoyle went on a tirade against President Joe Biden later in her interview with Kelly when she branded the Democrat “the placeholder-in-chief.”

Guilfoyle added that Biden was “just sitting there like a dirty, empty placemat until they figure out it’s time to pull the ripcord on him and cackling Kamala and they’ll put in whoever it is they think is gonna be best suited to go up against Trump.”

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