Huckberry Wrinkle-Free Collection Review

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There’s no way around it—you just can’t look your best when you’re wearing wrinkled clothing. Even the sharpest shirt, the finest pants, or the coolest coat can all ruin an entire ensemble if they’re rumpled and creased. The good news is that ironing is lots of fun, it’s easy to do, and we all have plenty of free time for it. Just kidding.

Honestly, ironing sucks—it’s hard to do correctly (without causing even more wrinkles), and it’s a time drain. Even if you have a portable steamer, these hacks don’t always do the trick in a pinch. The actual good news is that with the shirts, shorts, and coats in Huckberry’s new Wrinkle Free collection by Wills, you won’t have to touch that iron, steamer, or sketchy hack you Googled because these linen garments resist wrinkling with surprising efficacy—even when you’re traveling.

The pieces in the wrinkle-free collection are made from a blend of synthetic fibers and natural linen, which gives you the look and feel of natural fabric with the wrinkle-resisting performance of an artificial material. Aside from being wrinkle-proof, they’re also breathable, lightweight, and comfortable, so they check off all the boxes in the “performance” category.

Wills Wrinkle Free Linen Long Sleeve Button Down

To put the garments to the test, I put the Wrinkle Free Linen Long Sleeve Button Down shirt and Wrinkle Free Linen Shorts through the laundry, washing and drying them, and then hung the shirt and folded the shorts. No special treatment or extra special care in the hanging or folding—I just got them in the closet fast and left them there for a few days.

Wills Wrinkle Free Linen Short

Down from $98

When I grabbed both pieces to wear later in the week, I kid you not; not a wrinkle was to be seen—and ditto after a second round of washing, drying, and semi-haphazard storage. I’ve got the shirt and shorts here beside me at my desk as I write these words, and still no wrinkles in sight.

Wills Wrinkle-Free Chore Coat

Down from $198

I will say it’s definitely a good idea to wash the Wills Wrinkle-Free pieces before you wear them. I made the mistake of wearing the shirt to a meeting before I’d ever laundered it, and calling it itchy would be a grand understatement. Washed and dried, though, the garments are light, comfy, and always ready to roll; no ironing, steaming, or pressing needed.


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