Bubble of galaxies spanning 1 billion light-years could be a fossil of the Big Bang

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Robert Lea is a science journalist in the U.K. whose articles have been published in Physics World, New Scientist, Astronomy Magazine, All About Space, Newsweek and ZME Science. He also writes about science communication for Elsevier and the European Journal of Physics. Rob holds a bachelor of science degree in physics and astronomy from the U.K.’s Open University. Follow him on Twitter @sciencef1rst. , which houses the Milky Way (and around 100,000 other galaxies) but is still only 500 million light-years wide, aka half the width of Ho’oleilana. The Laniakea Supercluster runs right to the edge of this larger bubble.

Traces of Ho’oleilana have been discovered before. In 2016, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey identified part of its shell-like structure, but the true extent of its size remained hidden until now. Previous work had also failed to link the cosmic bubble with BAOs.

“I am the cartographer of the group, and mapping Ho’oleilana in three dimensions helps us understand its content and relationship with its surroundings,” Daniel Pomarede, a researcher at the CEA Paris-Saclay University, said in the statement.”It was an amazing process to construct this map and see how the giant shell structure of Ho’oleilana is composed of elements that were identified in the past as being themselves some of the largest structures of the universe.” headtopics.com

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