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Keep reading to find out more about Alix’s family.

Alix’s Parents

Alix’s dad, Thomas “TJ” Earle, owns a very successful construction company and was married to her mother Alisa Earle, before they got divorced when Alix was in third grade. He has since remarried Ashley Earle, previously known as Ashley Dupré. Although her parents are not together and her father is remarried, they have all remained amicable. Alix has shared in her TikToks that her entire family is super close, and they all hang out together often.

People have taken an interest in the social media star’s family, due to a previous scandal involving her stepmom. Ashley was the former escort from then-New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. “[We’re] super close, and we’ve gotten to such a good point. Whatever’s happened in the past, we’ve all gotten past it as a family.” Alix told Elle, involving Ashley.

She continued: “One time, I was overwhelmed about something of mine and I called my dad. He was like, ‘You should really talk to Ashley about this. She has dealt with this before, stuff in the media.’ It’s brought us closer because she’s able to guide me through it.”

Alix’s Siblings

Alix has a younger sister, Ashtin Earle, who is a junior at Tulane University. Following Alix’s fame, Ashton has begun to build herself a following on TikTok as well, with 270,000 followers and counting.

She also has three half-siblings, Izabel Earle, Penelope Earle, and Thomas James Earle II. She often features her adorable younger siblings in her TikTok videos, allowing her fans to fall in love with them. Most recently, Alix shared a video of her siblings at the fair with the caption ‘Rating the Earle Family at the fair’, with each sibling attempting to play a game. She also recently shared Izabel giving her an at-home facial — so cute!

Although Alix loves to post content about her family, she also recognizes the boundaries. “I mean, I share a lot. Obviously, conversations with my friends and in relationships, and with my family, all of that’s private,” the influencer told Elle.

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