Aaron Rodgers is the latest, greatest Jets hope

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There have been 36 starting quarterbacks for the Jets since Joe Namath left town after the 1976 season and none of them have hoisted the Lombardi Trophy with Gang Green. . Esiason knows he will hear from Giants fans on his radio show relishing in the Jets’ misery if they have a slow start.

“For all of us that want him to do well and want them to do well, there are probably a hundred times more who are hoping he falls flat on his face,” Esiason said. “He’ll have to fight that negativity. It’s not going to come from the Jets fan base. It will come from other fan bases.

“This is what he signed up for.” Sanchez spent some time at Jets training camp this summer. He and Rodgers share an agent, so they have known each other for a while. Sanchez walked away thinking that Rodgers is in a really good place and that he seems ready to handle all the challenges that being in New York and playing for the Jets will present.

“I think if anybody is ready to do it and has the energy, just the drive, you can tell when you talk to him, you can hear it in his voice, you can see it,” Sanchez said. “He’s got a hop in his step. He looks, feels, sounds good. That’s a dangerous dude with the ball in his hands, especially when he’s locked in like that.

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