The Revival of Pro-Military Music in Niger

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Music videos praising the military have proliferated since generals seized power, highlighting the army’s longstanding importance in Niger and popular dissatisfaction with civilian rule. But in Niger, the junta has only authorized pro-military gatherings. “The majority of voices we’re hearing now are the voices that are allowed,” said Ousseina Alidou, a Nigerien professor of linguistics and cultural studies at Rutgers University.

“If you’re not hearing other voices, what does it mean? That there’s a lot of censorship.”

A civil society activist in Niger, speaking on condition of anonymity after being threatened by the junta, said, “We either show our support for the putsch or we shut up.” Pro-military music for a new generation

One of the more prominent pro-military videos that has resurfaced on TV and online in recent week’s is “ ” (“Soldiers” in the Hausa language), which was released in 2009 by the late singer Hamsou Garba. The video, which features both women and men dressed as soldiers, praises the virtues of the country’s military.

“Soldiers are known to rule the nation. Soldiers ensure the safety of the nation,” Ms. Garba sings.

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