I’m worried my granddaughter’s parents are being too permissive

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Advice from Amy Dickinson. This manifests itself in many liberties and responsibilities, some of which I think she is too young for. In one case, they allowed her to come down a slippery marble spiral staircase with inadequate handrails – alone.

The other incident was in a restaurant when she needed to use the bathroom. Instead of accompanying her, they told her, “You know where it is, go ahead.” The bathroom was a single room with a women’s stall right next to a men’s stall. An outer door enclosed the room with both stalls inside.

(When I was six, I was molested at a park, so I know how quickly and easily molesters can act.) Or am I being overprotective? Dear Worried: I agree that another person should accompany a child that young to a public bathroom, and then should stand outside the door until the child is finished. headtopics.com

A slippery marble staircase? Risky. If you haven’t told these parents about your own experience as a child, you should tell them now. Dear Amy: My sister is the one who hosts the holiday gatherings and continues to invite our former sister-in-law.

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