Homeless Man Returns $10k Check He Found On Street To Owner, Then The Unthinkable Happens

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Photo Credit: Fox 61

Note: we are republishing this story which originally made the news in November 2017.

In a heartwarming twist of fate, a triumphant businesswoman hailing from New Haven is extending her gratitude to a homeless man who displayed an exceptional act of integrity. This tale of compassion underscores the strength of the human spirit and exemplifies the transformative power of kindness.

Photo Credit: Fox 61

The heartening saga began when the successful businesswoman accidentally dropped a substantial $10,000 check on the bustling streets of New Haven. This fortunate incident led her to encounter an unexpected hero, Elmer Alvarez, a homeless man who chose honor over personal gain. Alvarez promptly returned the lost check, sparking a sequence of events that would change his life forever.

In a display of gratitude, the businesswoman’s response to Alvarez’s selfless act was nothing short of remarkable. Not only did she provide him with monetary assistance, but she also extended an invitation for him to enroll in her prestigious real estate school, free of charge.

However, the story took another heartwarming turn as the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce orchestrated a touching surprise for Alvarez. The Chamber served as the backdrop for a momentous occasion that would redefine his future.

Photo Credit: Fox 61

Dr. Roberta Hoskie, the benevolent businesswoman, approached Alvarez in person, capturing the moment through a Facebook Live broadcast. As the homeless man stood amidst the media attention, he was taken aback by the magnitude of the situation. Dr. Hoskie reaffirmed her commitment to his growth by promising to fund his real estate education and English language classes, and then, she delivered an unexpected gift that touched his heart deeply.

“No need to be concerned about braving the cold,” Dr. Hoskie reassured Alvarez. “We have housing for you.”

Tears welled up in his eyes as he softly exclaimed, “Thank God!”

Photo Credit: Fox 61

Not stopping at education and housing, Dr. Hoskie’s generosity extended to securing a job interview for Alvarez with one of her esteemed business partners. The sentiment was echoed by Alvarez himself, who expressed his awe at the presence of “angels out here in heaven and earth.”

In an effort to perpetuate the cycle of kindness, Dr. Hoskie urged Alvarez to “pay it forward” when he is back on his feet, a sentiment rooted in her own experiences of overcoming adversity while being homeless.

Amidst the touching narrative, Alvarez affirmed his resolve with a determined declaration: “I’m going to go for it.”

Photo Credit: Fox 61

The profundity of this tale stems from Alvarez’s decision to do the right thing, a choice that led to a cascade of blessings and opportunities. Alvarez’s words encapsulate the essence of his character, stating, “Honestly, I give it from the bottom of my heart and I expect nothing back in return.” This remarkable account stands as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the boundless potential for positive change that exists within each of us.

Sources: Fox 61

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