How to sell Starfield contraband without loadout shields? The Talks Today

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How to sell Starfield contraband without loadout shields? Starfield, the huge cosmic playground, presents many alternatives for intrepid astronauts. Among these alternatives, one of the crucial profitable actions entails buying and selling in contraband objects.

While the promise of credit score is attractive, the chance of getting caught with unlawful items may be daunting. But worry not, as a result of we’ve a method that permits you to sell contraband objects without resorting to costly cargo shields. Let’s embark step-by-step on this cosmic journey:

Step 1: Move to the Wolf system

Our journey begins with the primary soar: the teleportation to the Wolf system. The Wolf System is your stepping stone to a worthwhile contraband commerce. Use your ship’s navigation programs to carry out this soar.

Stage 2: Journey to the Lair

From the Wolf system, set your cosmic compass to The Den. The Haven is famend for its secrecy and neutrality, making it a hub for merchants of every kind, together with these concerned in smuggling. Sail by way of house and earlier than you recognize it, you will be within the cosmic embrace of The Den.

Step 3: Discover the business authority on Chtonia

Once you have reached The Den, your vacation spot on this labyrinthine heart is Chtonia. Here you’ll discover the Trade Authority, a vital institution for our enterprise. The Chtonia Trade Authority is your gateway to promoting contraband objects without the effort of scanning checkpoints.

Step 4: Reveal your contraband treasure

With the Chthonia Trade Authority in sight, it is time to uncover your contraband treasure. Approach the Trade Authority retailer and you’ll discover a purchaser prepared to sell your illicit items. Trade Authority presents a secure and discreet manner to flip your contraband into helpful credit.

The Benefits of Selling Contraband at The Den

A haven without scanning

One of the principle benefits of promoting contraband in The Den is that there aren’t any scanning checkpoints throughout your journey. Unlike many different star programs and planets, The Den offers a haven the place your items can go by way of without threat of arrest or hefty fines.

A Continuing Business Opportunity

However, there’s a catch. While The Den often is the good place to sell your contraband, it isn’t without its limits. Trade authorities might not at all times have sufficient credit to buy your entire contraband objects if you’re dealing in giant portions. This is the place endurance comes into play.

Wait for stock and credit to refresh

If you encounter this predicament, the place Trade Authority coffers are operating low, don’t fret. You can merely anticipate the shop’s stock and credit score sources to refresh. To obtain this, you simply want to discover a mattress close by and relaxation for about 48 hours of play.


There you’ve gotten it: a Starfield contraband buying and selling technique that minimizes threat and maximizes revenue. By accessing The Den and coping with Chtonia’s Trade Authority, you’ll be able to safely sell your contraband without worry of being trapped by scan checkpoints.

As the credit roll in and your wealth grows, bear in mind the secrets and techniques of The Den and the liberty it presents enterprising house journey souls. May your contraband commerce be profitable and free from interstellar entanglements!

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