Ex-NBA Star Jordan Hill Hashes Out Child Support Deal With Ex After She Demanded He Be Thrown in Jail

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Sep. 1 2023, Published 2:25 p.m. ET

Jordan Hill will not be thrown in jail despite his ex-Erin Keno’s initial plea the ex-NBA star be locked up — after the two worked out a deal over alleged unpaid child support, RadarOnline.com has learned.

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline.com, a hearing went down on May 2 where Keno and Hill informed the court of their settlement.

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Per the deal, Hill will pay his ex a lump sum of $55k. In addition, he will pay $5k towards her legal bills. Keno agreed to dismiss her motion seeking to find Hill in contempt.

Further, Hill agreed to obtain a life insurance policy on behalf of their child in the amount of $1.5 million.

Hill and Keno have been in an out of court for years. The two share a daughter named Jordan Chanel Hill, born in 2016.

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The ex-NBA star agreed to pay $5k per month in support in 2017. However, he went back to court two years later asking for the payments to be decreased.

Hill said his income had drastically decreased since the initial agreement. In January 2021, the two reached a settlement in the case.

Per the new deal, Hill would pay $2,500 per month in support. This number was reached based on his monthly income of $29,344 and her monthly income of $1,466. Hill also agreed to pay $8k for the kid’s schooling.

However, months later, Keno filed a new lawsuit against Hill accusing him of refusing to comply with the agreement. She said Hill was in “willful contempt” of the deal.

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In her petition, she said Hill had made several payments on the new deal but then stopped in July 2021. “At that time, [Hill] discontinued paying child support and has not paid any child support to [Keno] as of this current date,” the suit filed in December 2021 read.

At the time, she said Hill was in arrears for the amount of $15k and said he continued to “be in willful contempt by refusing to pay” the amount owed every month despite her pleas.

She demanded he is incarcerated until he paid her the support due. Two months later, she amended her case to say Hill had not paid another 2 months and was now in arrears $20k.

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In response, Hill demanded her lawsuit be thrown out. He said he hoped to resolve any issues “without the need of formally involving the court, especially since [Keno] has removed the minor child at issue in this matter from the jurisdiction of the Court, depriving [Hill] of his Court-ordered parenting time.”

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The case is now officially closed.

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