Decoding the Complicated Color Wheel of Wines

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Once, the significant decision was red or white? Now, consumers face a much more challenging spectrum of selections. It’s a great thing. or appearing ignorant. I understand the feeling. Many people don’t want to study wine, or even think much about it.

Yet, much of the beauty, depth and mystique of wine comes from the vast possibilities it offers, each subtly different and distinctive.

The expanded spectrum of wine is an effort to have it both ways, to preserve the complexities while trying to simplify the process of choosing a bottle. Yes, we’ve gotten to a time where “red or white” is no longer sufficient. Now, consumers might be presented with a half-dozen stylistic options rather than hundreds of bottles of indeterminate type.

The New Spectrum of Wine Here is a brief primer to help navigate these terms if you see them in a store or restaurant. Transparent vs. Golden Whites Transparent whites generally will have been aged in steel tanks or other containers meant to protect against contact with air. They tend to be fresh, fruity and immediate.

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