Ukraine’s troops show CBS News how controversial U.S. cluster munitions help them hold Russia at bay

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Ukrainian forces holding Russia’s invasion at bay in the east are outmanned and outgunned, so there’s no moral dilemma for them in using widely banned cluster bombs. He’s lost a friend in the battle, and he’s exhausted. “We’re holding our line,” he told us with a deep sigh.”It is difficult. I can’t say our morale is on the top, but we are holding our line and we are standing.

The fighting was so close you could smell the gunpowder, Solatenko told us, but they managed yet again to send the Russian soldiers running back in the opposite direction. A pile of U.S.-supplied cluster munitions sits at a Ukrainian position near the front line outside the eastern city of Lyman, amid Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, August 31, 2023.

CBS News One thing that has made a difference further along the front line in the region are the U.S. supplied, and controversial, cluster munitions. The Biden administration agreed to send the weapons earlier this summer, as Ukraine’s ammunition shortages threatened its counteroffensive.

North Korea-Russia arms negotiations”actively advancing,” White House says Critics of that decision worry about a weapon that releases dozens of smaller”bomblets,” which sometimes fail to explode — posing a deadly threat to civilians as they can linger on the ground long after a conflict ends.

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