Mom Thought Her 3-Year-Old Was Stung By Wasp, Had No Idea It Was Much More Serious

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Photo Credit: Elisabeth Nordgarden/Facebook

Note: we are republishing this story which originally made the news in June 2019.

As the weather warms up, a mother’s harrowing ordeal serves as a wake-up call for parents everywhere. Elisabeth Nordgarden, a concerned mother hailing from Norway, has come forward with a chilling story of her 3-year-old son, Kristoffer, who suffered a severe injury while playing in their backyard.

Nordgarden shared the alarming sequence of events, revealing that during a visit to her grandparents’ home, Kristoffer suddenly burst into tears and sought comfort on her lap. Initially attributing it to a possible wasp sting or minor scratch from a branch, the situation took a concerning turn.

Photo Credit: Elisabeth Nordgarden/Facebook

Within 15 minutes, Kristoffer’s foot began to swell and turned an alarming shade of blue. Fearing it might have been a wasp sting, Nordgarden’s concerns deepened. The swift response of an ambulance and helicopter reflected the gravity of the situation, and they were swiftly transported to a hospital.

It was there that the shocking revelation was made: Kristoffer had been bitten by a viper snake. Though Nordgarden didn’t specify the exact type of viper, the situation was dire. Thanks to a timely antidote, the boy began showing signs of improvement, according to a report by NRK.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Medical professionals discovered that the snake bite had caused internal bleeding in Kristoffer’s intestine. Moreover, the ordeal resulted in a noticeable weight loss, with his weight plummeting from approximately 44 pounds to 33 pounds.

Dr. Harry Achterberg, an emergency room specialist, emphasized the importance of maintaining calmness after a snake bite. This advice pertains not only to vipers but to all venomous snakes, or snakes in general, he stressed.

Photo Credit: Elisabeth Nordgarden/Facebook

With the summer season in full swing, Petter Bochman, an expert, highlighted the increased activity of vipers during this period. As more individuals venture into natural settings, the likelihood of snake encounters rises significantly.

Following a 10-day recovery, Kristoffer returned home, but the incident has left an indelible mark. The next day, as he ventured out to play once more, Nordgarden was determined to take no chances. She emphasized her commitment to ensuring her children wear protective boots when playing in grassy areas, reducing the risk of a similar ordeal in the future.

Photo Credit: Elisabeth Nordgarden/Facebook

This mother’s story is a poignant reminder that as temperatures rise and outdoor activities become more prevalent, parents must remain vigilant and educate their children about the potential dangers of snake encounters. By taking necessary precautions, families can enjoy the summer season safely and without unnecessary risks.

Sources: The Epoch Times

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