Pa. parents charged after seven children found living in deplorable conditions and removed from home

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Investigators found unsanitary living conditions at the home, including a bad odor, several bugs, two dozen rats in cages, as well as feces on the floor and on a blanket. May 28, 2023, 6:36 PM UTC By Mirna Alsharif Seven children were removed from a home in Pennsylvania and their parents were arrested after police allegedly discovered them malnourished and living in a home in deplorable condition.

Officers with the Pennridge Regional Police Department responded to the 600 block of Roseann Lane on the afternoon of Apr. 23 for a report of two minors entering an abandoned trailer, according to a police report filed on May 19. Police found two girls, 12 and 14, who appeared unkempt and lived in a trailer next door.

Out of concern for the girls, the officers requested from their parents, Shawn and Crystal Robertson, to see their living arrangements. The home was”in obvious disrepair and disarray,” the report says. There was also a bicycle lock on the fridge at the home that Crystal said was because they had little food and referred to the children as”garbage disposals with legs.”

Police also found another child, a 16-year-old girl, at the residence. Bucks County Children and Youth responded to the home to investigate.

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