Nicolas Cage’s Ex-Daughter-In-Law Demands $30K For Legal Bill After Accusing Actor Of Breaking Support Promise

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In his own declaration, Weston said he only receives $7,300 a month from his famous dad and about $1,500 of that goes to pay the mother of his two sons. Weston also declared he “voluntarily” paid Hila $2,000 per month, pending a ruling by the California Department of Child Support Services.

Weston also charged that in May 2020 Hila “unilaterally removed” $57,000 from their savings account to supposedly pay off a loan to her brother. In addition, he claimed she took out an $11,500 Small Business Administration (SBA) loan allegedly using his email address and his signature, documents show.

Hila, who describes herself as a “survivor of domestic violence,” explained in the court documents that after years of trying to help Weston battle addiction, she had no choice but to separate from him in 2021 because of his alleged affairs and drug-fueled violence that made it unsafe for her and the twins.

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