Who are the pro-Ukraine groups behind the dramatic raid into Russia?

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Two militant groups with neo-Nazi ties have emerged from relative obscurity to claim responsibility for the Belgorod attack, taunt the Kremlin and promise more to come. The Belgorod border raid has thrust two groups of largely unknown fighters with neo-Nazi ties into the heart of the conflict. As the chaos and confusion subsides, the two militant groups NBC News looks at who and what appears to be behind the raid.

Two groups claiming to be Russians fighting on behalf of Ukraine say they carried out the attack. Both describe themselves as Russian dissidents and have members who espoused white nationalist views. Its commander, Denis Kapustin, who also goes by the last name of Nikitin, is a white nationalist and ex-soccer hooligan who shares neo-Nazi views.

The U.S.-based Anti-Defamation League has Kapustin as “a Russian neo-Nazi who lived in Germany for many years.” He goes by the call sign “White Rex” and reportedly founded a clothing brand of the same name that is popular among Russian neo-Nazis. headtopics.com

Some of their posts have anti-immigration and pro-white European rhetoric. In a on Tuesday, the group clarified that it “adheres to right-wing conservative political views and traditionalist beliefs.”

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