Women politicians face a torrent of online abuse but say they won’t stop their work

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CNN News, delivered. Select from our newsletters below and enter your email to subscribe. Photographs by Esther Ruth Mbabazi for CNN Updated 0725 GMT (1525 HKT) May 25, 2023 This story is part of ‘Systems Error’, a series by CNN As Equals, investigating how your gender shapes your life online.

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(CNN)Doreen Nyanjura is a modern politician. She announced on Twitter that she would be standing in Uganda’s 2026 presidential election; has a name for her supporters — the Nyanjuraholics — and has characterized her platform with a catchy hashtag: #ThePoliticalAntidote.

But with this presence online, Nyanjura says she faces the now-standard challenges of being a woman in politics: in addition to the tweets of support or derision that most politicians on social media have become accustomed to, Nyanjura also receives tweets of misogynistic mockery. “The table you are shaking is for Bigbouys [sic] not slayers my dear.

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