What is Volt Typhoon, the alleged China-backed hacking group?

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Its name is redolent of an exotic electrical storm. But is the freshly christened hacking group ‘Volt Typhoon’ an imminent danger to American infrastructure, or just a new crop of digital spies playing an old game? ‘ESPIONAGE PURPOSES’ Microsoft qualified its assessment as “moderate confidence,” intelligence jargon that typically means a theory is plausible and credibly sourced but has yet to be fully corroborated.

Different researchers have identified various aspects of the group. Not everyone has seen evidence of sabotage preparation.

. Although Burnard said Volt Typhoon – which Secureworks calls “Bronze Silhouette” – may well be positioning itself for disruption, he said what he had seen of the hackers suggested it was being used “primarily for espionage purposes.”

(CSCO.O) Like Microsoft and Secureworks, Cisco’s experts refused to say exactly where they had encountered the group. Cisco’s director of threat intelligence, Matt Olney, said the company was called in to deal directly with one case at a critical infrastructure facility, where sabotage preparation seemed to be the best explanation. headtopics.com

“We definitely had alarm bells going off,” he said. Nearly all cyber spies work to cover their tracks.

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U.S. mainland and Guam assets hacked by Chinese group ‘Volt Typhoon’Microsoft and international intelligence agencies have released a report detailing how Chinese hackers have had unprecedented access to US infrastructure for over two years.

US, allies, Microsoft allege attacks by China-backed cyber actorUS, its Western allies and Microsoft allege a state-sponsored China cyber actor, Volt Typhoon, has infiltrated critical US infrastructure networks, warning similar activities could be occurring globally

China state-sponsored actor carries out ‘attack’ on US critical infrastructure, Microsoft saysChinese state-sponsored actor Volt Typhoon is carrying out cyberattacks on ‘critical infrastructure organizations’ in the U.S., according to Microsoft.

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