Teen Girl Gets 'Canceled' For Breaking 'Girl Code', Mom Finds Her Face Down In Room Soon After

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Photo Credit: Fox 13 Tampa Bay

Note: we are republishing this story which originally made the news in October 2022.

In a heartbreaking turn of events, a 16-year-old girl from Pinellas County tragically ended her life just days before her senior year at East Lake High School was set to begin. McKenna Brown’s parents lay bare the profound anguish their daughter endured as she was relentlessly targeted by online bullies, mercilessly driving her to the precipice of despair.

According to McKenna’s mother, Cheryl Brown, three of her hockey teammates are now facing suspensions from the Lightning High School Hockey League for their alleged involvement in the harassment.

Photo Credit: Fox 13 Tampa Bay

With a heart heavy with grief, the sorrow-stricken mother poured out her anguish at the irreplaceable loss of her beloved daughter, painting a poignant portrait of McKenna as a compassionate soul who selflessly placed others before herself and fearlessly guarded the goal on the ice.

“McKenna was always there for those who felt left out,” Cheryl tearfully shared.

Since initially speaking with McKenna’s mother back in August, more details have emerged about the events leading up to her tragic passing. Cheryl disclosed that her daughter was subjected to a barrage of hurtful text messages sent by a teammate and a close friend of five years, with whom she had traveled to numerous hockey tournaments.

Photo Credit: Fox 13 Tampa Bay

Reading some of the messages, Cheryl recounted, “‘You’ve done all of us wrong’… ‘I hope I never see you again’…” The messages were a response to McKenna’s request to speak with her teammate’s ex-boyfriend, a conversation she had sought permission for initially. However, her friend’s reaction took a vindictive turn a few days later.

As Cheryl explained, the messages were prompted by McKenna’s apology to her teammate for talking to the ex-boyfriend. “In doing so, it enraged this particular person and just amped up the attack,” Cheryl divulged.

It was at this point that the teammate took to social media, urging her followers to sever ties with McKenna. Cheryl emphasized that the intention was to “cancel” her, with one individual even stating that their mission was to “leave her without a single friend.”

Photo Credit: Fox 13 Tampa Bay

McKenna’s mother believes that the relentless cyberbullying and harsh words pushed her daughter to her breaking point, leading her to tragically take her own life just hours later. Cheryl expressed her disbelief at seeing the teammate who sent the hurtful texts at McKenna’s funeral. She now places her hope in the ongoing investigations conducted by the Lightning High School Hockey League, Statewide Amateur Hockey of Florida (SAHOF), and USA Hockey’s independent council.

In a recent update, Cheryl disclosed that the high school league has taken action by suspending three players while awaiting the investigation’s conclusion. The league has unequivocally deemed their behaviors as a clear violation of the code of conduct specifically addressing cyberbullying, emphasizing the seriousness with which such transgressions are treated.

Photo Credit: Fox 13 Tampa Bay

“It’s bewildering to see the teammate at McKenna’s funeral,” Cheryl expressed. Despite her grief, she believes that the suspensions and consequences would have still occurred, and McKenna would still be alive if she had been able to see beyond the torment.

In this tragic case, the power of words has had devastating consequences. It is a somber reminder of the importance of treating others with kindness and compassion, both online and offline. As the investigations continue, one can only hope that these young individuals come to understand the profound impact their words can have and strive for a future where no one else experiences such unbearable pain.

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