Sheriff's Deputy Jumps From Truck When She Spots 3 Men Grabbing Onto Struggling Elderly Couple

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Photo Credit: Inside Edition

Note: we are republishing this story, which originally made the news in February 2019, in light of recent reports that suggest more and more people all across the country are experiencing random acts of kindness even amid the challenges of the pandemic.

Sheriff’s Deputy Kanesha Carnegie was outside a Florida gas station when she noticed an elderly woman being helped by three young men.

The three were holding her up as they made their way to her car. Her husband, 100, was bent over his walker.

Carnegie stepped out of her truck to help, but whipped out her cellphone when she realized that the three had the situation well in hand.

Photo Credit: Inside Edition

“I thought at the time they looked really beautiful and that was a nice view to see. I stepped back and just videoed them,” Carnegie told

Speaking of the three men, she said: “They do a little rapping in the local community, so I know them and they know me.”

“They don’t have the greatest history,” she added. “And that’s the beauty of it.”

The video has racked up over 23 million views on social media.

Carnegie told the outlet: “I didn’t anticipate for this to go viral. I thought it was more local for the community to see the effort they put forth in seeing a strange couple come through our town and not taking advantage of them.”

Photo Credit: Inside Edition

In the video, the three men are seen holding on to Rose, and when she stumbles, one man picks her up under her arms so she doesn’t hit the pavement and tells her, “You take it easy, momma.”

David hovers by them, and the three manage to get Rose into the passenger seat before closing her door.

“Thank you so much, fellas,” David tells. “I’m 100 years old.”

“That’s a good life,” one man replies.

26-year-old Joc Smooth said of the incident: “I saw that old lady struggling and about to fall. I asked permission to assist them,” and David said yes.

Photo Credit: Inside Edition

“She was out of breath and so tired. She was so exhausted, I knew she wasn’t able to go much farther,” he added.

Speaking of their decision to help, Smooth said that it was not a big deal, and that “It was just instinct.”

Rose had not been feeling well, and the couple was on their way from a doctor’s appointment.

Photo Credit: Inside Edition

Tommy Griest, the couple’s grandson, reached out to Carnegie, who recounted: “He was extremely grateful, extremely thankful. He said his grandfather retired from the Air Force. That explains why he’s 100 years old and still driving. You can’t stop somebody I like that, ever.”

Sources: Inside Edition

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