Elon Musk Enjoys ‘Exploratory Journeys’ and Supports MDMA and Mushrooms

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Elon Musk reportedly consumes MDMA and psychedelic mushrooms to go on “mild exploratory journeys” and boost his creativity, RadarOnline.com has learned.

In a surprising revelation to come days after Musk, 51, stepped down from his role as CEO of Twitter just six months after acquiring the platform for $44 billion, at least 40 people familiar with the tech billionaire’s alleged drug consumption spoke about how Musk supports drugs like MDMA and psychedelic mushrooms over alcohol.

Musk reportedly supports MDMA and mushrooms over alcohol so much that he regularly travels with a chart showcasing the advantages of the drugs when he goes on vacation with friends.

At least one source close to the Tesla founder recently told the New York Times that Musk brings the chart to Burning Man – a festival held in Black Rock Desert, Nevada that the billionaire attends nearly every year with his younger brother, Kimbal Musk.

“I have been with him on mild exploratory journeys,” said David Marglin, a San Francisco-based lawyer who met Musk at Burning Man over 20 years ago and has remained his friend ever since. “And he appreciates the value of those journeys.”

“Nothing out of control or wild, but it’s all night, and there’s dancing and revelry,” Marglin added regarding Musk’s alleged drug consumption.

Musk previously spoke out in support of psychedelics and other drugs last year while discussing the alleged advantages the drugs have over antidepressants.

“I’ve talked to many more people who were helped by psychedelics & ketamine than SSRIs & amphetamines,” he tweeted in April 2022.

The father-of-nine also once came under fire after he decided to smoke weed while appearing on Joe Rogan’s podcast in 2018.

According to the 51-year-old tech billionaire, all of the employees working at his SpaceX company – including Musk himself – were forced to undergo drug tests due to his appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience.

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“The consequences for me and for SpaceX were actually not good,” he said last year. “I had to have like random drug tests and stuff after that, to prove that I’m not like a drug addict.”

“They drug tested me for everything, and randomly,” he continued. “It wasn’t like ‘pick a day.’ I had like a whole year of random drug tests.”

“Unfortunately, it wasn’t just me but the whole company, the whole of SpaceX had to have random drug tests.”

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