7 Recent K-Pop Songs To Energize Boring Weekdays

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7 Recent K-Pop Songs To Energize Boring Weekdays Do you need a little pick-me-up during those long weekdays? Extreme boredom can set in when you do the same routine every week, but K-pop is a great distraction.

Some recent songs can hold the power to magically energize you in a whole new way! Overcome those boring weekdays by listening to some catchy K-pop songs that were released this season.

aespa – “Welcome To MY World” This alternative pop single inspires the listener to escape into a peaceful reality that transforms typical boring days. “Welcome To MY World” is all about aespa inviting their AI member naevis and listeners to their music-filled world. Their simple life is accented by special guitar riffs and an orchestra. The melody of “Welcome To MY World” is refreshing enough to energize your weekdays while their sweet vocals can improve your overall mood.

(G)I-DLE – “Queencard” Self-love is the best way to energize a boring week, and “Queencard” is all about someone celebrating themselves just the way they are. They earn the “queencard” by truly loving themselves. The track has a good blend of pop, rock, and even electronic elements.

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