Woke LA DA George Gascón has 10,000-case backlog, ‘toxic’ attitude driving staff away: sources

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Justice is not being served in the most populous county in the nation because Gascón has driven talent away, demoted top lawyers and fights anyone who doesn’t share his views, according to sources… One former LA prosecutor said Gascón’s policies have eroded trust with the public they serve, through generous plea deals allowing criminals to get out of jail or prison without serving hard time or declining to prosecute crimes at all.

“Gascón is so focused on justice for black and brown defendants, but the victims and their families are also black and brown. Where is the justice for them? We are making them victims of the criminal justice system yet again.”

Cuba-born Gascón, 69, assumed office in Los Angeles in 2020 after eight years serving as the DA of San Francisco. He has been divisive from the start and has “The reputation of the office has been destroyed and people know he’s hostile to his employees,” said Eric Siddall, vice president of the LA County Association of Deputy District Attorneys. headtopics.com

The DA’s Office disputed the hiring figure, claiming they only have a total of 139 positions available and blaming “retirement and a previous hiring freeze,” but would not comment on the number of cases piled up.

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