Want to improve your mental health? Eat your greens.

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Studies show that eating more vegetables can give you a mental boost equal to finding a new job or taking a daily walk. results of a trial for which they randomized 75 people into two groups. The first group stayed on their regular diet.

The second group received weekly deliveries of vegetables — carrots, squash, bell peppers and kale, among other items they chose themselves.

“We’ve eliminated some of the cited barriers to vegetable consumption, which is cost, convenience and availability,” De Leon said. To make sure that the participants really ate the veggies, the scientists measured blood and skin levels of carotenoids, which are phytochemicals that are a good

of fruit and vegetable consumption. Advertisement The results showed that after just eight weeks, people from the vegetable-delivery group reported feeling considerably happier than before, and happier than the members of the control group. headtopics.com

Other studies suggest that eating fruits and vegetables may improve mental well-being almost instantaneously.

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