Imlie 24th May 2023 Written Update: Today’s Episode

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In the latest episode of Imlie dated 24th May 2023, Atharva struggles to push the wheel cart while Imlie sits on it and holds Kerry on her lap, trying to assure her that she will be fine soon. Their progress is interrupted by a barricade which they approach with increasing nervousness as time is running out. Atharva pleads with the inspector to remove the barricade as they need to reach the hospital urgently, but his requests are met with refusal.

Imlie written update

Imlie 24th May 2023

Imlie, holding Kerry, beseeches the cops to show mercy toward the child who is unconscious due to a high fever. Meanwhile, Cheeni arrives at the hut but finds no one there, except for Atharva’s jacket. On being informed by the driver that Imlie and Atharva have gone to the hospital in the next city, Cheeni becomes alarmed. The police drop Atharva and Imlie off at the hospital, and Imlie thanks them with a grateful smile.

As the doctor examines Kerry, Atharva, and Imlie anxiously discuss how Kerry contracted a cold. Imlie and Atharva close their eyes while the nurse administers an injection to Kerry, unable to bear seeing her in pain. Atharva glances at Imlie, curious as to why she is still concerned about Kerry despite previously wanting to abort her.

When the nurse requests Kerry’s parents’ signature, Imlie offers to sign, but Atharva intervenes and insists that she keep her distance. Imlie becomes emotional and demands that Atharva reveal the truth about Kerry’s mother and why she is no longer with them. However, Atharva remains silent and departs, leaving Imlie to continue her search for answers about Kerry’s mother.

Dhairya holds a gun to himself at the airport, demanding to leave immediately and instructing the police not to intervene. In another part of the airport, Cheeni surprises Imlie by asking Atharva about Kerry’s well-being. Imlie becomes emotional and cries when Dhairya enters and apologizes for her inability to come to the airport. When Dhairya sees Atharva and Cheeni, he is taken aback and reaches out to Imlie for comfort.

Imlie becomes confused and annoyed and questions Cheeni about whether she knew of Atharva’s whereabouts. Cheeni appears surprised, and Imlie tearfully asks Atharva about Kerry’s mother. With Cheeni by his side, Atharva admits that she is Kerry’s mother, causing Imlie to step back in shock. Cheeni smiles as Atharva calls her Kerry’s mother, while Dhairya looks at him with disdainful eyes. Imlie rec

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