China, Russia Urged to Speed Up Creation of ‘Cutting Edge’ Payment Infrastructure for BRICS and SCO Currencies – Economics Bitcoin News

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VEB.RF’s chairman urged China and Russia to speed up the establishment of a new, “cutting-edge” payment system for the SCO and BRICS members.

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Man crashes car into home, then attacks roommates with pickaxe in Lake Forest

A man suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol crashed his car into a home, then ran to where he was staying and began chasing his roommate with a pickaxe. Read more >>

Live blog: G7 nuclear rhetoric intended to pressure Russia, China – MoscowGroup of Seven nuclear ‘rhetoric’ has the sole aim of exerting psychological, military and political pressure on Moscow and Beijing, says Russia’s Foreign Ministry Follow our live coverage👇 One woman died and eight others injured in the attack on Russia’s Belgorod region, says Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov Follow our live coverage 👇

Why Ukraine has fought Russia for every inch of BakhmutThe nine-month battle for Bakhmut has destroyed the 400-year-old city in eastern Ukraine and killed tens of thousands of people in a mutually devastating demonstration of Ukraine’s strategy of exhausting the Russian military.

Live blog: F-16 transfer to raise questions of NATO involvement – RussiaTransfer of F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine would raise question of NATO’s involvement in the conflict, Russia’s ambassador to US says Follow our live coverage👇 Kiev has nothing to do with an armed operation in Russia’s Belgorod region, Ukraine says after Russia’s claim that a ‘Ukrainian sabotage group’ entered the region Follow our live coverage 👇

As Russia Claims Victory in Bakhmut, Ukraine Sees Opportunity Amid RuinsMilitary analysts say that if Moscow continues to send reinforcements to defend the city of Bakhmut, that could weaken Russian forces’ ability to hold off a broader counteroffensive that Ukraine has been planning.

‘Exhaust them’: Why Ukraine has fought Russia for every inch of Bakhmut, despite high costThe more meaningful gauge of success for Ukrainian forces has been their ability to keep the Russians bogged down in the prolonged battle for Bakhmut.

Battle for Bakhmut: Russia claims control but Ukraine says fight not overAlthough Russia claims it won control of Ukraine’s eastern city of Bakhmut, after a grinding nine-month conflict in which tens of thousands of fighters died, top Ukrainian military leaders say the battle is not over

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