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Shelby attends the University of Alabama.
Shelby is a member of the Phi Mu sorority.
Shelby revealed her true feelings about the Bama Rush doc on TikTok.

The highly-anticipated Bama Rush documentary debuted on Max on May 23. The film follows several young women as they prepare to rush at the University of Alabama. One of those young women is Shelby Rose.

Shelby, who just wrapped up her freshman year at the university, participated in the documentary for a time before she stepped away. If you’re wondering why she stopped filming, Shelby revealed the reason why herself. Here’s what you need to know about Shelby and her involvement in the Bama Rush doc.

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Shelby is featured in the Bama Rush documentary.

The documentary chronicled Shelby as she prepared to rush at the University of Alabama as an incoming freshman in 2022. The university’s rush process became a social media sensation in 2021. Following fake rumors of PNMs (potential new members) supposedly planning to have microphones on them during 2022 rush, the Max documentary said that “Shelby stopped filming with us after the false rumor began.” In a TikTok video, Shelby revealed that she accepted a bid from Phi Mu.

Shelby addressed her feelings about the Bama Rush doc in a TikTok video.

Ahead of the documentary’s release on May 23, Shelby revealed her thoughts on the documentary and discussed her participation in it via a TikTok video she posted on May 5. “They reached out to me when I was a senior in high school before rush week and before I even blew up on TikTok. I started filming with them, and all of my stuff I filmed with them was very positive because I was told that this was very different than what it ended up becoming.”

She continued, “I did not film with them once during rush week because what they were doing did not align with my morals and values, and it made me very uncomfortable.” Shelby said that the reason she initially decided to be a part of the documentary was that “the way they portrayed it to me was very positive, and I wanted to shine light on girls from very small towns in the north going to huge schools and rushing because it’s very different. I wanted to show girls that they could do it and that it would honestly be the best decision of their life.”

Shelby is a pageant queen.

Shelby won the 2023 Miss Quincy pageant in January 2023. She first started exploring pageants in 2018 after a friend recommended it. “At first I said no, I wasn’t interested at all,” she told Muddy River News. “But the more I found out about it, the more interested I became… I fell in love with it.”


This is the truth and my story. This is something that has made me mentally and physically sick for a very long time. I am thankful I left when I did and pray for every UA girl in a sorority right now. I always want to spread a positive light in the world. #bamarush #bama #bamarushdoc #bamarushweek #bamarushtok #college #fyp #foryoupage

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Shelby was adopted.

Shelby opened up about how she was adopted in the documentary. She admitted that the “accidentally found out” she was adopted when her grandfather handed her a piece of paper that talked about her adoption. “It turned my world upside down,” Shelby said about her reaction to finding out. Shelby has been in therapy since she was 13 years old and also started “trauma treatments” to help with her “anxiety and depression.”

Shelby has founded a non-profit.

Shelby noted in the documentary that the part of her life that she’s “most proud of” is her adoption story. She started a non-profit organization called Fostering Hope where she helps foster children and foster families in the state of Illinois. “That’s something I’m super proud of,” she said.

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