Missing Madeleine McCann Investigators ‘Tipped Off’ To Suspect Christian Brueckner’s Beachfront Lair, Private Eye Says

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On the day she vanished, Madeleine had been left with her 2-year-old twin siblings in the unlocked rental while her mother and father, Kate and Gerry McCann, enjoyed a meal with friends at a nearby restaurant just 130 feet away. After checking on the kids every so often, Kate was shocked to discover that Madeleine was gone, noticing there was an open window.

As RadarOnline.com previously reported, Brueckner has regularly denied any involvement in the 3-year-old’s disappearance.

Divers searched the reservoir twice in a privately funded 2008 operation where rope and a bag filled with bone fragments were recovered — but they later turned out to be the remains of a cat, Peribanez said.

“We turned over all the evidence to the Scotland Yard and the UK’s Metropolitan Police,” he said.

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