This bird is a survivor. Now she’s the 14,000th animal in Nat Geo’s Photo Ark.

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NewJolie, an Indochinese green magpie, was rescued from a wildlife trafficker’s suitcase. Her story is emblematic of the threats facing other songbirds like her. in lesser-known species. That’s in part because not enough people care about the fate of songbirds, which are also understudied, he says. “It’s hard to enough to get funding for elephants and tigers—try a green magpie,” he says.

One common method poachers use is to go into the forest and play recordings of birds singing, then trap the curious songbirds that respond in glue stuck to trees or with finely woven mist nets. As a photo subject, Jolie was “very amenable, curious, and brave—she went into our photo tent without a problem,” Sartore says.

Photograph By Joel Sartore, National Geographic, Photo Ark Please be respectful of copyright. Unauthorized use is prohibited. The animals can then end up in sprawling bird markets . In some of Indonesia’s biggest markets, that may include up to 30,000 birds on any given day—many of them dead or sick, with cages piled on top of each other, Shepherd says. The birds smuggled to more distant locations often die after being stuffed in boxes or suitcases or shoved in storage compartments of buses or cars. headtopics.

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