Crypto should become a regular part of TradFi within 5-10 years: Exchange CEO

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In an interview with Cointelegraph at Bitcoin Miami, Bittrex CEO Oliver Linch argued that crypto should not be analyzed under the ‘prism’ of traditional finance. He argued, however, that it is ineffective to try and analyze crypto through the “prism of traditional finance.” Instead, crypto should be a “brand-new […

] thing” in the traditional finance space while still aligning with the same fundamental principles as other traditional financial products, Linch said, adding:

“You’ve got securities, you’ve got derivatives, you’ve got crypto. It’s just another component, right?” On the other hand, Linch emphasized that the “most robust regulatory regimes” being set up are countries that actually engage with “crypto-on-crypto zone terms.”

In an ideal world, Linch suggested that in “five to 10 years” from now, crypto will seamlessly integrate into traditional finance, and events like “Bitcoin Miami shouldn’t exist.” Related: Where crypto can grow: Digital asset regulations around the world

The U.S. arm of the crypto exchange announced on April 1 that it would be winding down operations on April 30, citing a challenging regulatory and economic environment in the United States.

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