Process Server Claims To Have Photographic Evidence Of Lauren Boebert’s Husband’s Alleged Meltdown

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Lauren slapped her husband of 18 years and the father of their four children with divorce papers citing “irreconcilable differences” and describing the marriage as being “irretrievably broken” according to court documents obtained by

Estep, who said he saw Jayson sitting at a table cleaning a gun and swigging a tall glass of beer, admits he didn’t feel comfortable during the encounter. Jayson meanwhile claims the dogs posed “no threat” and that he was “upset” but he didn’t do “anything bad” to the process server.

“I did not know what I was being served for or if it was some crazy left-wing person coming to my house again,” Jayson told the Daily Beast via text. “I was not drinking, and I was not cleaning any gun. The divorce is sad, I did not expect this, I love her with every bit of my heart, she has been my soul mate and she is the mother of my Children.”

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