Intel leak suspect was warned repeatedly about mishandling classified info

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Jack Teixeira was seen taking notes on classified intelligence information and putting them in his pocket, Justice Department lawyers alleged in court filings Wednesday. and could face a prison sentence upward of 25 years if convicted, previous court filings by the prosecution have said.

his detention Teixeira’s superiors asked him if he intended to share the notes, before telling him at a meeting to “no longer take notes in any form on classified intelligence information,” the memo said.

Finally in February, a colleague saw Teixeira operating a machine connected to the Department of Defense’s Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communication System, its internal system for sharing confidential information, a third Air Force memo said. He was seen “viewing content that was not related to his primary duty” and was instead “related to the intelligence field,” it said.

the defendant “a serious flight risk,” Last month, a federal judge declined to immediately free him from custody, but did not rule on the matter. 03:49 Teixeira should not be compared with , as the prosecution has sought to do, the defense team said.

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Pentagon Leak Suspect Repeatedly Warned About Mishandling Classified Records, DOJ Alleges21-year-old Jack Teixeira was accused of leaking classified documents about the war in Ukraine.

Accused Leaker Received Repeated Warnings Over Handling of Classified Information, Prosecutors SayAirman Jack Teixeira received repeated warnings over his handling of classified information as commanders expressed concerns months before he was arrested

Leak suspect shared classified secrets with foreigners, prosecutors sayThe Air National Guard member accused in a high-profile classified leaks case appears to have shared sensitive secrets with foreign nationals and had raised concern among his co-workers in the months before he was charged.

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Pentagon leak suspect had been warned over his ‘concerning actions’ with classified info: FilingNEW: Jack Teixeira, the Army National Guardsman charged with leaking military secrets, was admonished twice by his superiors last year over ‘concerning actions’ he took with regards to classified information, prosecutors say

Leak suspect’s bosses twice warned him over handling of classified info: FilingJack Teixeira was twice admonished by his superiors last year over his ‘concerning actions’ with regards to classified information, prosecutors said in a court filing

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