What to Wear as a Plus One to a Wedding for Men

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It’s wedding season, y’all. That means you’re going to have to pony up and buy that flight to that oddly remote destination your friend picked for their wedding two and a half hours from the nearest airport. Great venue choice, Bud!

For many people, wedding season can come as an embarrassing experience of wearing the same navy suit and tie you’ve had since high school graduation. Well, let me tell you, bro: It’s time to step up your game. Whether you’re going solo in hopes of meeting a bridesmaid or attending as a plus one to the event, you need to look your best. Fortunately, we’ve done the research to help you figure out what to wear as a plus-one to a wedding if you don’t want to look like every other person there.

Advice on Matching Your Date: If you’re going with a date, you should complement them, but avoid matching their look exactly—this isn’t your high school prom. If your date is wearing a certain color, choose accessories in similar or complementary shades or tones. For example, if your date is wearing a navy blue dress, opt for a different shade of blue, like sky or teal. If they are wearing pink or red, wear blue or green so that you complement each other but still look great when separated. And if they are wearing white, well then you wear whatever they told you to wear.

Try using a color wheel to match clothes and follow these few steps:

Choose one dominant color for your event outfit. Now, this could be a color that compliments your skin tone or just a color that you like to wear.Find the complementary color on a color wheel. This is the color opposite your dominant color on the wheel.Look for comparable colors on the color wheel. These could be the colors next to your dominant color or down the line in terms of shade. These analogous colors will help create a cohesive and harmonious look for your getup.Lastly, consider using neutral colors such as black, white, gray, or beige to balance out your outfit and leave room for small bits of flare.

This brand might look like every other suit brand from the outside, but let me tell you, it’s anything but. Indochino suits are fully customizable with many details to make them truly unique and fit like a glove. There are thousands of combinations you can create, from colors, fabrics, interior designs, embroidery, and even down to the button colors.

The Black Tux is a suit rental company at its core. You can choose from dozens of colors and materials to play around and match your date without having to go all-in on a new suit.

A floral shirt can give your tired navy suit look a fresh change of pace. This one from Bonobos is stretchy and wrinkle-resistant so you really can’t lose.

On the higher end of what to wear under your suit, but let me tell you, man. Wearing a knit polo is about as high class as you can get. Is your ex going to be at the wedding? Wear this.

Men’s Floral Rose Printed Shirt

You can take a shot at finding something really unique and flashy on Amazon for a low-price-mix-up, but I can’t vouch for the quality. I found this one and liked it, but I noticed one review said a guy used it for a pirate costume, so that’s your call, really.

Tie Bar is always a great place when looking to upgrade your wedding wardrobe. They have hundreds to pick from and usually range from $11-$50.

I’m a big fan of the bolo tie look. Let your inner cowboy loose and show the maid of honor that you really know how to square dance the next time the DJ plays ‘I Gotta Feeling.’

A personal favorite accessory that isn’t too loud is the knit tie. I get compliments on it from the grandparents of the happy couple every time I wear one of these.

A bow tie is a funky choice but always an option. Just don’t ask me how you tie it because I really have no idea.

Abe Brown Crocskin Leather Loafer

Marc Nolan makes shoes that are sure to keep people’s eyes on where you’re walking. If you’re looking for a little piece of flare to pop off, these shoes are sure to get you where you need to be.

These floral leather toe and heel cap shoes from Taft truly are a statement piece. This flashy take on a traditional Oxford shoe is a sure bet on helping you stand out from the crowd.

A staple piece in my wardrobe, the Tecovas boot. If I somehow made it onto the guest list of a wedding, you can downright guarantee I’m wearing a pair of cowboy boots. A flash of western apparel is the best way to not look like everyone else and from one short king to another, the heel in a cowboy boot will help you stand tall next to your date if they are in heels.

Forony Men’s Dress Socks 6 Pack

The cheapest and easiest way to flash a little attitude is with some new dress socks. There are so many combos to pick from on Amazon that you really can’t go wrong.

Tie Bar is a great place to get all things wedding but their sock selection is especially fantastic. With unique pairs starting at only $8, you won’t break the bank on this one.

Saninior 47 Piece Pocket Square Bundle

Got a lot of weddings coming up? Well then this obnoxiously large number of pocket squares is sure to keep you looking tailored at each event. I can’t condone buying this many but I figure you get the gist that there are options here, man.

Tie Bar x Miller High Life Pocket Square

Want people to know you only drink the champagne of beers? Then this pocket square is for you. It is a disguised piece that could get a few laughs when you whip it out after the ceremony.

There are, of course, lots of different accessory pieces to pick from to level up your wedding guest wardrobe, but we hope this list gave you some inspiration to stand out at your next wedding.


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