Yoo In Na And Yoon Hyun Min Grow Closer Despite Interference From An Ex In “True To Love”

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Yoo In Na And Yoon Hyun Min Grow Closer Despite Interference From An Ex In “True To Love” Spoilers Previously, Deborah and Lee Soo Hyuk resolved the misunderstanding between the two and began to realize their feelings for one another.

However, an unexpected turn of events unfolded with the appearance of Lee Soo Hyuk’s ex-girlfriend Im Yu Ri (Kim Ji Ahn).

The newly released stills capture the two heading toward a photo shoot for the bridesmaid and groomsman. As they exchange heart-fluttering gazes and tightly hold hands together, Deborah and Lee Soo Hyuk preview the changes that will come to their relationship.

More stills also capture Lee Soo Hyuk reuniting with Im Yu Ri. Lee Soo Hyuk looks calm, but his gaze reflects his complicated thoughts as he looks at Im Yu Ri who is trying to maintaining a smile. As Im Yu Ri attempts to shake up Lee Soo Hyk’s feelings one last time, viewers are curious to find out what Im Yu Ri’s real goals are. headtopics.

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