SAXX Men’s Swimsuit Review — May 2023

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At any given time, I own about five or seven pairs of SAXX boxer briefs. I’m not sure of the exact count because when a pair wears out, I tend to replace it with a two-pack, so the numbers are always in flux but usually trend toward a surplus. Why am I so loyal to this brand’s underwear? It’s a pretty great story, really: I like them a lot, so I stick with them. Storytime over.

Now to the swimsuit story. I only own one SAXX suit, a seven-inch OH BUOY suit, because it has shown no signs of wearing out even with pretty heavy use last summer, both in pools and lakes and saltwater. The reason I will, however, replace this suit with another from SAXX once it rips or fades or goes drifting off down the stream (ideally, ripping or fading will be the issue) is the same reason I love their boxers: the Ballpark Pouch.

Crassly named? Yes. But highly effective, the Ballpark Pouch consists of a pair of soft, very flexible, supportive bands of fabric that rest on either side of a man’s most sensitive exterior organs. Said body parts are snugly but comfortably held in place—and separated from wet legs—as the suit’s wearer swims, paddles, lounges on the beach or poolside, or absolutely crushes a perfect spike over the volleyball net, impressing all who witness the point and shaming the opponents on the other side of the sandy court.

Saxx Men’s Oh Buoy Shorts

Aside from that pouch, the OH BUOY swim shorts have a fine mesh liner that dries quickly without clinging and helps prevent chafing. The shell, which comes in all sorts of colors and patterns, from staid solids to wacky prints (think sharks or palm fronds or rainbow swirls), is made from a blend of polyester and elastane, so it flexes well and dries fast, and really that’s all you can ask for.

A drawstring cinches the suit tight, and there’s a rear pocket with a loop for hooking stuff on, plus a small “secret stash pocket” built into the left leg, which I admit I’ve never used, but it’s nice to know it’s there.

Only slightly pricier than many other swimsuits, this is a pair worth the investment because every guy needs a go-to in each apparel category. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go to the beach and catch some major waves. Or maybe I need to make dinner; either way, this is my go-to swimsuit.

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