Maiwenn Is ‘Outspokenly Anti-#MeToo’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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If you thought Johnny Depp starring in a film might be a lightning rod of controversy, imagine the movie’s director spitting on a journalist. “Jeanne du Barry” will open the Canne… “She’s outspokenly anti-#MeToo and she made a gesture to please her world, and that’s why she bragged about it on TV.

We could see a sort of pride that echoed that world,” journalist Edwy Plenel tells in his first interview since the spitting incident. Plenel was referring to Maiwenn’s comments published by Paris Match in 2020, saying “It’s crazy how many stupidities they say these days! These women don’t like men, that’s clear, and they’re causing very serious collateral damages.” In that same interview she said “When I hear women complaining that men are only interested in their bottom, I tell them, ‘Enjoy it because it won’t last!’”

during a television interview Perhaps she should be anxious about the press conference following the premiere of her film, where journalists covering the festival are surely going to quiz her about her spitting admission.

filed a police complaint Now, Plenel tells he believes that Maiwenn spit on him because she was upset about an investigation that Mediapart published into rape and sexual assault allegations against Luc Besson.

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